BBC Radio Guernsey debate

On Thursday 11th January, Jenny Kendall-Tobias on BBC Radio Guernsey featured a debate on assisted dying.

You need a BBC account (which you can create on the following link) in order to listen to it:

Louis Jean, the sole Alderney States member who voted against having a discussion on assisted dying (note: he didn't even want the discussion!) and James Dent were both on air.  Like so many of us, Mr Dent has been personally affected by the debate and would like the choice to end his life on his own terms.

Mr Jean stated that many of his relatives had died painlessly and so didn't think assisted dying was necessary.  He also stated that religion should be brought into the debate.

At the time of writing, 48 comments have been made on the BBC Radio Guernsey Facebook page by people giving their opinion.  44 people think assisted dying should be legalised, only 4 think that it shouldn't.