The Assisted Dying Requete now has the required 7 signatures, which means it will be lodged with the Greffe and published on Monday 26th February in the hope that it can be debated in the States of Deliberation in May 2018.

So far, public opinion appears to be totally one-sided on this issue.  Over 90% of the responses I have received have been overwhelmingly positive.  There are plenty of people in Guernsey who feel really strongly about this issue, and far too many of us have experienced watching a loved one die in pain and/or distress.

Sarah Griffith MBE and myself will be campaigning to the best of our abilities, but we need the people of Guernsey and Alderney to make their feelings known.  

That public support will sadly count for nothing if we can't convince the Guernsey deputies to legalise assisted dying.  It is their votes that count.  Let's make ourselves heard people.