We need your help!

Now we have had the Open Meeting – time is running fast in the lead up to the States
Debate in mid May.

We ask you to please take action as nothing will change UNLESS we make our feelings

Several people have told us that they are confident “Assisted Dying will be voted through
anyway” and did not feel the need to attend the meeting. This will not help us to get the
States to debate it.

Let us be clear – this States debate will only decide IF the States have the appetite to debate
this further and then set up a working party to investigate how they proceed.

This is NOT a decision on if Guernsey should have the law or not.

We have been told that there is ‘too much to do in the States and there is not time to
debate this issue”. Tell that to the people out there suffering right now!  Now is never the right time for some.

We NEED you to speak out:-

1. email your parish deputy. Example joe.bloggs@deputies.gov.gg
2. phone them details here - https://gov.gg/deputies
3. Write to the GP and Bailiwick Express
4. Send in letters to the Open Lines page in the Press
5. Email all deputies in the Island - don’t block email them – do it individually
6. Also your Dr’s write to them and ask what their views are? Given allowance in the
law of course.
7. Tell them what you think
8. Ask them to represent your feelings
9. Encourage friends to act too

If we all want the choice for us and our future generations, there should be nothing
stopping us from shouting it from the ROOFTOPS. Death and the way we die should be
openly discussed – starting from now.