How they voted

On Wednesday 16th May, Guernsey States Members began the debate on legalising assisted dying.  The debate lasted until Friday 18th May.  The proposal to legalise assisted dying in the Bailiwick of Guernsey was defeated by 24 votes to 14.

Here is how they voted:

Deputies Who Voted For

Gavin St Pier, Lyndon Trott, Peter Roffey, Laurie Queripel, Lester Queripel, Barry Brehaut, Jenniffer Merrett, Rihan Tooley, Matt Falaise, Shane Langlois, Michelle Le Clerc, Lindsay de Sausmarez, Sarah Hansmann Rouxel and Victoria Oliver

Deputies Who Voted Against

Jonathan Le Tocq, Mary Lowe, Neil Inder, Carl Meerveld, Peter Ferbrache, John Gollop, Mark Leadbeater, Al Brouard, David de Lisle, Joe Mooney, Louis Jean, Graham McKinley, Richard Graham, Andrea Dudley-Owen, Jane Stephens, Heidi Soulsby, Chris Green, Emilie Yerby, Dawn Tindell, Rob Prow, Barry Paint, Mark Dorey, Jeremy Smithies, Jan Kuttelwascher

Deputies Who Were Absent

Charles Parkinson and Paul Le Pelley (both said they would vote against)